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Alberta Transplant Innovation Fund (ATIF)

In October, 2016 the $1.2 million dollar Alberta Transplant Innovation Fund (ATIF) was established to fund research aimed at improving the care available to transplant patients, and accelerating the translation of this research into technology that is commercially viable - and therefore available to clinicians and patients.

A partnership between the Government of Alberta Ministry of Economic Development & Trade, Astellas, and the University Hospital Foundation, ATIF invests in four key areas:

  • Advancing Alberta’s transplant technologies
  • Providing better care for Alberta transplant patients through education and better technologies
  • Validating and testing new transplant technologies from Alberta and abroad
  • Increasing organ donations and availability

On June 21, 2018, the Foundation announced the second recipients of funding through ATIF. The funded projects represent the most impactful research underway to improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable Albertans – those waiting for organ transplantation.

Alberta has historically faced low donor rates, and a high need for transplantable organs. In 2017-18, 361 organ transplant were performed at the University of Alberta Hospital, Alberta Health Services’ centre for organ transplantation in Northern Alberta. Meanwhile, 296 patients patients were waiting for an organ transplant in Edmonton at the end of 2017.

In addition to addressing the need for organs and increasing donation rates, ATIF will provide funding for researchers who seek to advance transplant technologies, improve care for transplant patients, and increase organ donation rates

Impact to date:

  • Funded four $25,000 research projects in collaboration with the Alberta Transplant Institute and the Canadian National Transplant Research Program
  • Established of pan-provincial advisory group of scientific, operational & clinical thought leaders in organ and tissue transplantation



Alberta Transplant Innovation Fund Announcement - October 2016
Alberta Transplant Fund Announcement - October 26, 2016

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