Spencer's Story

Spencer Beach has been through hell and back and recently penned his personal story for those who are too shy to ask what happened to him.

Spencer suffered third and fourth degree burns to 90% of his body in a chemical fire in 2003. He spent nine months in the University of Alberta’s Burn Treatment Unit and praises the team who helped change his life.

“The number of people, nearing into the hundreds, that helped me - just at the University of Alberta hospital – is staggering. I can only imagine what the number becomes when you include the people hiding in the shadows, doing things in their offices and the hands-on people that were in my room doing what they had to do. I look back and I am in total amazement at how many people it took to get me better.”

Spencer signing his book, "In Case of Fire" outside the University of Alberta Gift Shop

Spencer has had 36 surgeries to date, including plastic and reconstructive procedures, but now all his surgeries are elective.

This means that Spencer chooses what he wants done to his body as opposed to something he needs to address right away - like an unexpected infection.

The Firefighters Burn Unit is a world-leader in care and is recognized as one of the top burn treatment units in North America. Spencer credits donor support for the high quality care that patients experience.

“I can’t say enough about the care I received. The smallest thing makes a huge difference and those small little things don’t come without donations.”

Spencer’s journey to recovery was painful, and he has grown into a stronger person despite his obstacles.

He beat his 5% chance of survival and has the guts to relive his incident with strangers. His book is inspirational and Spencer’s positive attitude is contagious. “If I’m happy with the way I am, you should be too.”

Spencer is currently a Construction Safety Officer and motivational speaker. He gives presentations across Alberta about workplace safety. His book is available in the University of Alberta Hospital Gift Shop or through on his personal website. 10% of the proceeds from his book sales support the Firefighters Burn Treatment Unit.

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