Tyson's Story

On June 9th, 2010, Tyson Feairs visited his optometrist, Dr. Campbell, in Cold Lake, Alberta for a routine visit to discuss the mild headaches and blurred vision he had been experiencing. 

His optometrist noticed an irregularity with the retinal photo and suggested a OCT scan for the eyes. The OCT scan confirmed Dr. Campbell’s concerns and Tyson was booked for a full head CT scan in Edmonton the very next day. 

The results of the scan confirmed that Tyson had Meningioma (a benign brain tumour) and he was immediately referred to Dr. David Steinke, a Neurosurgeon at the University of Alberta Hospital. “Dr. Steinke was very patient, calm and reassuring, thoroughly describing my diagnosis and treatment options,”

Tyson tells us. “After our meeting, I knew there was no better facility in the country to undergo this operation.”  Tyson was scheduled for surgery to remove the tumour on Friday, June 18th, eight days after his visit to the optometrist. 

After a brief postponement, Tyson was wheeled into surgery on Monday, June 21st. The surgeons, nurses and anesthesiologist all came to speak with him. “They were calm and confident, and that was exactly what I needed. I went into surgery knowing I was going to be okay,” says Tyson. 

The tumour was successfully removed and Tyson woke up in the operating room 8.5 hours later. He was transported to the neurosurgical ICU. One day later, he walked to the neurosurgery ward where his recovery was monitored closely. On Thursday June 24th, Tyson was released from hospital. “I felt so lucky not to have any pain or other adverse side effects from surgery that I wanted to keep active and enjoy this gift.” says Tyson. “I feel strong, vigorous, alert and I have a new appreciation for life. I owe this  to so many people – Dr. Campbell, Dr. Steinke and the surgical team, the caring nurses and my loving, supportive friends and family.” 

In the coming months, Tyson will receive follow-up treatment at the University of Alberta Hospital and has every hope for a full recovery.  

In appreciation of the exceptional care Tyson received at the University Hospital, he chose to support the Brain Sciences Program through a generous monthly gift. “I owe my life to the dedicated people and modern technology used in the operation. I wanted to give back in some way as a thank-you and to help those who will be diagnosed in the future.” 

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