A new clinical 3T MRI will elevate brain care at the University of Alberta Hospital by providing neurologists and neurosurgeons with today’s most advanced imaging equipment for combating brain disorders.

MRI is a process that uses a magnetic field and radio waves instead of radiation (as used in x-rays) to image the brain, providing clinicians with a safer and more precise way to accurately diagnose many brain-related conditions, manage treatment care and even provide guidance during delicate surgical procedures like Gamma Knife.

The strength of the magnetic field used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is measured in the unit called a Tesla, or simply, T.

From the 1980s to the early 21st century, the gold standard of clinical MRI imaging  was the 1.5T. The most sophisticated clinical MRI today is the 3T.

What does the clinical 3T MRI do for patients?

Twice as powerful as a 1.5T, the 3T can scan up to four times faster, meaning nervous patients who can’t lie perfectly still in a small space for long periods of time won’t have to.

Images taken with the 3T scanner are so crisp and clear that they have been known to pick up aneurysms in patients during routine imaging, and they provide pin-point guidance for delicate surgeries.

3T images allow neurosurgeons to make more precise diagnosis and provide more focused disease management in many therapeutic areas including neurology.

How does the clinical 3T MRI fit into the Brain Centre Campaign?

One in three Canadians will be impacted by a brain disorder. That’s why we have a Brain Campaign. Adding the highly advanced technology of the newest 3T MRI to the University of Alberta Hospital’s Brain Centre is a major step towards providing world class brain care to patients.

Together with the Gamma Knife, a research 3T MRI, and the already in-place 3T Intraoperatve MRI, the University of Alberta Hospital’s Brain Centre will stand as one of the very few Brain Units in the world that can provide 3T precision from research to diagnosis to the operating room.

Our Cause

The University Hospital Foundation believes in the power of generosity to save and change lives. We are committed to adding a clinical 3T MRI to the University of Alberta Hospital’s first class Brain Centre. Your generous support today will give patients facing particular types of serious brain conditions the chance to benefit from the most advanced and proven form of magnetic resonance imaging since it began over 80 years ago.

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