Brain Centre Campaign Cabinet

The University Hospital Foundation’s Brain Centre Campaign Cabinet is composed of a committed group of generous community leaders and volunteers. Led by Honorary Chair Wayne Gretzky and Cabinet Co-Chairs Jim Brown and Guy Scott, they are advancing the vision of Transforming Care for Every Brain Patient.

Honorary Chair

Wayne Gretzky


Cabinet Co-Chairs

W. Guy Scott
Jim Brown


Campaign Cabinet

Jim Allen
Dr. Keith Aronyk
Mike Bacchus
Robert Bessette
Shannon Butler
Peter Dawson
Ernie Elko
Dennis Erker
Terry Freeman
Crystal Graham
Bob Gomes
Dan Hanna
Samir Hanna
Ron Johnson
Irving Kipnes
Joyce Mallman Law
Steven LePoole
David McDougall
Fran Olson
Cathy Osborne
Victor Rudkowski
Elizabeth Seib
George Smith
Simon Sochatsky
Paddy Webb
Dr. Matt Wheatley
Don Wheaton
Kim Wheaton
Dr. Doug Zochodne