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Scott and Brown Families Advanced Imaging & Gamma Knife Centre 

The clinical 3T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine is one of the most advanced brain imaging tools available. It creates high definition images of brain structure, enabling doctors to accurately diagnose many brain-related conditions such as hot spots that cause epilepsy, and to provide precise guidance for delicate surgical procedures like Gamma Knife.

The 3T MRI will be added to the other clinical 1.5T MRIs to expand imaging services to patients at the University of Alberta Hospital, thus reducing wait times. Co-located with the 3T MRI on the first floor of University of Alberta Hospital, the Gamma Knife is a brain treatment that uses multiple, focused beams of radiation as a virtual scalpel – no incision is needed – no open brain surgery required.

The closest Gamma Knife right now is in Winnipeg. Only 7 patients a year are sent there for treatment. With a Gamma Knife in Edmonton, up to 7 patients a week in Edmonton and northern Alberta will benefit from this advanced treatment option. Thanks in part to $1.03 million from the 2014 Festival of Trees, donors to the University Hospital Foundation’s Brain Centre Campaign have now raised the $17.5 million needed to create an Advanced Brain Imaging and Treatment Unit at the University of Alberta Hospital.

Learn More about Gamma Knife techology which is coming to Edmonton. 

"By adding these two pieces of equipment it will make University Hospital one of only two centres in the country to have a 3T research, 3T clinical, a 3T operating room and a Gamma Knife. That's incredible."
Dr. Bill Anderson, Medical Director of Diagnostic Imaging, Edmonton Zone, Alberta Health Services

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