Why a Brain Centre?

The University of Alberta Hospital is the leading academic medical site in western Canada, providing advanced, patient-focused care to nearly one million Canadians every year.

We are the only Level One Trauma Centre in central and northern Alberta, delivering complex care to more severely ill and injured patients than anywhere else in Canada. And a world leader in cardiac care and multi organ transplantation.

It’s time to advance brain care to the same level. Your support is critical in making that happen.

Transforming Care for Every Patient

The final phase and centrepiece of the Brain Centre Campaign is a completely new Neuro Intensive Care Unit for patients with catastrophic head injuries and life-threatening brain conditions.

This is the biggest and boldest piece of the Brain Centre Campaign – and it is desperately needed.

In a new Neuro ICU, patients will receive the same dedicated, highly-specialized care they get today, but in a spacious, state-of-the-art environment that promotes healing and aids faster recovery.

Every Room a Healing Environment

Patient rooms in the Neuro ICU will provide the perfect healing environment for brain patients by providing:

  • Natural lighting to maintain normal day-night cycles to support healing and prevent delirium
  • Optimum space to accommodate all equipment and technology needs, and to enable family and friends to play a vital, supportive role in the healing process
  • Room to facilitate the team approach to care that’s practiced at the University of Alberta Hospital. For patients in the Neuro ICU, team members may include specially trained doctors, pharmacists, speech-language therapists, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, and social workers.

Transforming Care for the Neuro ICU

In June of 2017, the Government of Alberta signed on to proceed with the critical next step – developing a business case for the Neuro Intensive Care Unit that will determine the cost and timeline of the project.

The Brain Centre Campaign has raised and invested over $60 million towards transforming brain care for all Albertans.

The Campaign began in response to an appeal from Alberta Health Services for support in elevating brain care at the University of Alberta Hospital – the number one priority for the hospital site.