Brain Tumours 

Our new Dan & Bunny Widney Intra-Operative MRI Suite with 3T MRI technology opened in fall 2012 and is the most advanced Brain surgery suite in the world. Complementing open-brain surgery is a noninvasive tumour treatment by a Gamma Knife. Once funded by the campaign, the Gamma Knife enables out-patient treatment for many brain conditions.

What is Gamma Knife?

Gamma Knife is the most revolutionary, and noninvasive, treatment for life threatening growths and malformations on your brain – and it’s coming to the Scott and Brown Families Advanced Imaging & Gamma Knife Centre at the University of Alberta Hospital.

Gamma Knife is technology that treats brain disorders with radiation instead of a drill and scalpel. This saves patients from undergoing general anesthetic, blood loss, infection risks, and prolonged recoveries.

Gamma Knife is now better than ever, with the advanced new ICON system making Gamma Knife procedures safer, faster, and more convenient. It’s the next step in Gamma Knife technology. And with your support, we’re bringing it to Edmonton.

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