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The University Hospital Foundation’s Brain Centre Campaign is bringing the most advanced Gamma Knife to the University of Alberta Hospital.

Brain disorders can happen to anyone, including you or someone you love.

And when they do, you’ll want the best people using the best technology to help you.

Thanks to our donors, doctors at the University of Alberta Hospital can do more than ever for patients with potentially debilitating brain conditions such as brain tumours, blood vessel malformations, severe facial pain and certain movement disorders.

Scott and Brown Families Advanced Imaging and Gamma Knife Centre

For 40 years, friends Jim and Sharon Brown and Guy and Shelley Scott have shared a commitment to family and community.

That commitment led to a $3 million gift to the University Hospital Foundation’s Brain Centre Campaign, and the naming of the Scott and Brown Families Advanced Imaging & Gamma Knife Centre.

What is Gamma Knife?

Gamma Knife is the most revolutionary, and noninvasive, treatment for life threatening growths and malformations on your brain.

Using radiation instead of a drill or scalpel, patients are spared general anesthetic, blood loss, infection risks, and prolonged recoveries.

Advanced Imaging

3T images allow neurosurgeons to make more precise diagnosis and provide more focused disease management in many therapeutic areas including neurology.

In fact, images taken with the new 3T MRI are so crisp and clear they’ve been known to pick up aneurysms in patients during routine imaging, and they provide pin-point guidance for delicate surgeries.

How does the clinical 3T MRI fit into the Brain Centre Campaign?

One in three Canadians will be impacted by a brain disorder. That’s why we have a Brain Campaign. Adding the highly advanced technology of the newest 3T MRI to the University of Alberta Hospital’s Brain Centre is a major step towards providing world class brain care to patients. 

Together with the Gamma Knife, a research 3T MRI, and the already in-place 3T Intraoperatve MRI, the University of Alberta Hospital’s Brain Centre will stand as one of the very few Brain Units in the world that can provide 3T precision from research to diagnosis to the operating room.

Ross Marshall tells his story about Gamma Knife

Ross Marshall"I was dizzy all the time, I had no balance and I lost hearing in my right ear.

My doctor sent me for a CT scan and an MRI. They both showed I had a tumour the size of a golf ball growing on my brain.

That’s when I met with Dr. Max Findlay, a neurosurgeon. He told me I had two choices – a full removal of the tumour by removing my skull cap, or Gamma Knife. I went with Gamma Knife.

The risks of the regular surgery were way too high for me –infection, facial paralysis, sensory loss.

I went to Winnipeg for the Gamma Knife. Surgery itself was nothing. I had dinner and went out to a movie that night. I flew home the next day."



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