Medical Perspective Videos

The Brain Centre Campaign will ensure that patients at the University of Alberta Hospital have access to the next generation of treatment options and the most advanced diagnostic technology - when they need it most.

The Brain Centre will address a broad spectrum of brain conditionsso patients who come to the University of Alberta Hospital from Edmonton, Northern Alberta, western Canada and the Territories have access to the highest level of coordinated care available anywhere in the world.

Watch the videos below to see how donors like you are helping the University Hospital Foundation to bring the most advanced care in Canada to the University of Alberta Hospital – care that has changes and saves lives every day. 


The Promise of Gamma Knife Technology 

      The University Hospital Foundation is raising funds to purchase the Gamma Knife, advanced technology that enables surgeons to treat complex brain conditions with pinpoint accuracy without ever making an incision – and allows patients to return home – and back to their lives – almost immediately after their treatment. 

Risk Free Surgery 

      Dr. Matt Wheatley discusses how Gamma Knife gives surgeons access to hard to reach tumours.

Better Resolution = Better Results 

      Dr. Matt Wheatley discusses the advantages of high resolution imaging.

Advancing Care Through Research

      Dr. Donald Gross discusses the connection between high resolution imaging, advanced research techniques, and patient care. 

Access to the Very Best

      Dr. Keith Aronyk defines the Brain Centre at the University of Alberta Hospital: a referral centre "where (patients) will be taken care of with state-of-the-art equipment, by state-of-the-art people."

Incision Free Brain Surgery

      Dr. Keith Aronyk speaks to how the Gamma Knife works with no incisions.