Donor-funded surgical suite inspires advanced brain research

The Dan & Bunny Widney Intraoperative MRI Surgical Suite is opening doors to first-in-Canada research at the University of Alberta Hospital

When the Dan & Bunny Widney Intraoperative MRI Surgical Suite opened in 2012, it was hailed – for good reason - as the most advanced surgical suite in Canada, enabling neurosurgeons to take precise images of a patient’s brain during surgery.

The suite is also home to a groundbreaking research program that’s advancing what is known about brain tracts, or pathways in the brain that are used to convey messages.

"There's a host of language-related tracts and visual-related tracts that people have not been able to reliably obtain." 
Dr. Cam Elliot

Widney iMRI surgical suite

”When the brain is exposed to air, as in surgery, MR images of the brain are distorted, sometimes to the point of being unusable. With advanced equipment and new sequences in MR imaging, Dr. Elliot and his team hope to minimize those changes.

“The ultimate win for the patient is safety,” adds Dr. Elliot. “If we can show where the tracts are moving, if we can keep track of the tracts, then that will result in better outcomes for patients.”

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