Why a Brain Centre?

The University of Alberta Hospital is the leading academic medical site in western Canada, providing advanced, patient-focused care to nearly one million Canadians every year.

We are the only Level One Trauma Centre in central and northern Alberta, delivering complex care to more severely ill and injured patients than anywhere else in Canada. And a world leader in cardiac care and multi organ transplantation.

It’s time to advance brain care to the same level. Your support is critical in making that happen.

Brain Conditions Haven't Changed. What We Can Do for Them Has.

Since 2012, community support to the Brain Centre Campaign has advanced brain care at the University of Alberta Hospital site by:

  • Recruiting some of the brightest medical minds working in all facets of the neurosciences – research, surgery, clinical care – today
  • Opening one of Canada’s most advanced surgical suites that gives surgeons all the benefits of 3T imaging during surgery
  • Funding Alberta’s first Gamma Knife and Edmonton's first clinical 3T MRI, co-located in the Scott and Brown Families Advanced Imaging & Gamma Knife Centre
  • Giving researchers and clinicians the resources they need to continue seeking breakthrough discoveries and expand care to patients with debilitating brain conditions.

Aging Infrastructure. Increasing Needs. 

Despite these advancements, the need for better brain care at the University of Alberta Hospital continues to soar.

Alberta’s projected population growth is expected to increase needs for in-patients with brain disorders by 59%. Troubling news, considering the current neurosciences intensive care unit, built in 1985 to standards in patient care, safety and privacy that have long since been surpassed, already regularly operates at 102% capacity.

Without significant upgrades to the neuro intensive care unit, an increased number of beds for brain patients, and an expansion in, it’s hard to imagine how even the best people could provide premium care for patients with life-threatening brain conditions.

Transforming Care for Every Brain Patient

“Our vision is to provide brain patients’ access to the very best treatment in the world – in an environment that optimizes patient care, allows families to be part of treatment, and enables specialized staff to focus on their patients.”

Brain Centre Campaign Cabinet Co-Chair, Jim Brown

Working closely with the Government of Alberta and Alberta Health Services, the University Hospital Foundation is committed to building on our recent success to ensure that brain patients from central and northern Alberta and across western Canada have access to the most advanced brain care possible.