Making a Difference

The University Hospital Foundation believes every donor has the power to make a difference.

Since 1986, donors to the University Hospital Foundation have elevated the level of care at the University Hospital site. More than that – they’ve accelerated the advancement of patient care by funding:

The expansion of world leading patient care services
  • Our donors contributed one of every four dollars required to build the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute, and continue to support the development of specialized units that bring the most advanced technology, and brightest medical minds, to Edmonton.
Advanced technology and equipment
  • In funding the purchase of some of the most innovative medical equipment in the world, such as the 3T Intra-operative MRI and highly specialized microscope for neurosurgery, our donors help create the most advanced programs and surgical suites anywhere in Canada.  
Innovative research for disease prevention and cures
  • Uncovering the mysteries of Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s Disease, and testing the efficiency of Canada’s only portable ex-vivo lung profusion device are three of the hundreds of ground-breaking research projects to receive funding from our donors.
"Donations ensure we have state-of-the-art equipment and resources to attract and retain the brightest and best healthcare specialists, and fund research that brings new knowledge and discoveries."
Dr. Dylan Taylor,
Co-Facility Medical Director of the University of Alberta Hospital, the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute, and the Kaye Edmonton Clinic

Escalating demands on our health care system are expected to drive provincial health care spending to more than double its current level over the next ten years – a much faster rate than the forecasted growth in Alberta’s economy.

To achieve and maintain excellence in health care, to be world leading in areas that pose some of the greatest challenges to our health – heart disease, brain disorders, trauma, organ failure – requires financial support that exceeds the government’s ability to provide through taxation.

That’s why the University Hospital Foundation is seeking to raise $100 million by the year 2017. With your help, we can achieve our goal to keep the University Hospital site at the forefront of world leading care. And to ensure that top medical specialists, the latest technology and the most advanced research are available when you and your family need them most.

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