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The University of Alberta Hospital (UAH), Kaye Edmonton Clinic (KEC) and the University Hospital Foundation (UHF) are pleased to formally announce the launch of the Kaye Competition, through a $30M transformational donation from Mr. Donald Kaye.  

The Kaye Competition will support individuals or collaborative, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary teams in the pursuit of research, innovation and quality improvement projects that will establish new approaches to patient care.  This may include physicians, nurses, and allied health staff of the UAH or KEC, students or researchers in health disciplines from another faculty through joint application with an affiliate of the UAH or KEC.

These research or quality improvment  projects may include:

  • Prevention, maintenance, or care to patients suffering from illness, disease, disability, pain or suffering;
  • Medical and clinical research in the causes, prevention, detection, treatment, and cures for life-threatening illness or chronic diseases;
  • Inter-professional collaboration of healthcare professionals to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care at one location;
  • and Clinical learning opportunities for students or staff in all healthcare disciplines.

 Guidelines for the 2019 Kaye Competition


Funding Available 

In 2017, the Kaye Competition awarded almost $700,000 to recipients in support of research and quality improvement initiatives at the University of Alberta Hospital site. The inaugural research projects include seven teams working in neuroscience, oncology, nephrology and infection prevention.

In 2018, the Kaye Competition awarded an impressive total distribution of $1.67 million to recipients. Projects can range from $25,000 to $250,000.

The total amount of funding available for the 2019 Kaye Competition is $1.27 million. Applications will open next month.


2018 Kaye Competition Award Recipients



Awardees: Dr. Christopher Power, Dr. Carmen Charlton, and Dr. Frank van Landeghem

Project Title: Human pegivirus-associated neurological diseases - Neurology


Awardees: Dr. Mohammed Osman and Dr. Jan Willem Cohen Tervaert

Project Title: Systemic sclerosis and associated pulmonary arterial hypertension - Pulmonary/Rheumatology


Awardees: Dr. Iyare Izevbaye (not pictured) and Dr. Remegio Maglantay

Project Title: Molecular classification of thyroid nodules - Cancer


Awardees: Dr. Tejas Sankar and Dr. Francois Roy (not pictured)

Project Title: Biomarkers in Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson's Disease - Neurology


Awardees: Dr. Albert Tsui and Dr. Brain Rowe (not pictured)

Project Title: Evaluation of an accelerated diagnostic chest pain protocol in Emergency Department - Emergencey


Awardees: Dr. Benjamin Adam and Michael Mengel (not pictured)

Project Title: Characterization of rejection in lung transplant biopsies - Pulmonary

Awardees: Dr. Michael Chu, Dr. Irwindeep Sandhu (not pictured), and Dr. Gregory Korbutt (not pictured)

Project Title: Multidisciplinary Alberta cellular and immunotherapy program - Cancer


Awardees: Dr. Ming Chan, Dr. Jaret Olson (not pictured), and Dr. Douglas Zochodne (not pictured)

Project Title: Enchance functional outcomes in patients with severe carpal tunnel syndrome - Neurology 

Awardees: Dr. Soroush Shojai, Dr. Scott Klarenbach (not pictured), and Paris Davoodi, NP (not pictured)

Project Title: Multidisciplinary support to access living donor kidney transplant - Living Donor Kidney Transplantation 

Awardees: Dr. Wasif Hussain and Dr. Brain Rowe (not pictured)

Project Title: Development of multidisciplinary concussion clinic - Neurology

Awardees: Dr. Sandy Widder and Dr. Ni Lam

Project Title: Geriatric recovery and enhancement aliance in Trauma multidisciplinary quality improvement initiative - Geriatrics/Trauma


Through his naming gift to the University Hospital Foundation, Donald Kaye has transformed years of hard work, prudent decision-making and wise investing into one of the largest donations in the history of Canadian healthcare philanthropy. And in doing so, Mr. Kaye is advancing patient care and medical research in a way that is both intently focused, and broadly based.  



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